Universe of Things™ (UOT)

Smart Devices, Smart Cities, Smart Hospitals, Smart Factories, Smart Drilling, Smart Processes

Our exclusively-licensed collection of applications and solutions can manage, control, predict, optimize and perform within and across your UOT. Whether in space, underwater or ground, in business; on devices/machines or across devices/machines; our solutions can be fully-embedded and scaled to support the UOT. We have the world’s fastest and smallest embedded inference engine and knowledge compiler at 500+ million rules per second to monitor any instrumented system and react in real-time.

The Intelligence Factory

Text, Voice or Personae/Avatar-guided Autonomous Intelligence

A platform for the creation, management and evolution of intelligent agents/assistants/applications to enable customer/patient/consumer/user engagement strategies, training/education and a broad array of customer service processes and functions within knowledge-intensive environments. We have a unique bi-directional natural language understanding and generation system that uses intent rather than rigid grammar as part of the technology platform. Additionally the Cognitive Cloud Computing Framework processes a basic knowledge base to generate an Autonomous Intelligent Knowledge Base (AI-KB).

The Cyber Security Center

Identity Theft, Insider Theft, Document, Database, Photo or Network Cyber Security

Enhance your security with a unique fine-grain, parsed and distributed information solution that can self-protect, self-destruct, self-discover, self-organize and self-manage. Simplicity and flexibility allows for emergency access but requires ‘intelligent’ access control through a novel policy-based approach. Data is turned into many self-contained applications placed in enclaves and re-assembled for access through an AI key.

A new approach to security is based on opportunistic self-discovery monitoring, bi-modal cognitive-based reasoning (what-happens-if and how-do-you do discovery) and autonomous self-discovery to resolve ambiguity. Its core strength over other approaches lies in its domain-independence with respect to completeness and truth.


Success is driven by strategic, operational, and fully-embedded cognitive intelligence capabilities

Want to make your data sing? This unique AI is the only autonomous cognitive computing framework with bi-modal reasoning – forwards and backwards, just like humans. Computational cognitive intelligence can generate hypothetical scenarios even with incorrect, obfuscated or missing data. Our suite of technologies are flexible, scalable, predictable, resilient, secure and simplistic in their individuality.


Technology platforms and big data analytics, harness mobile capabilities, data-fusion and applications as modular entities

Technology is the enabler of the future and Beyond Limits technologies engender collaboration with business units. Our innovative and successful approach provides technology platforms that can repeatedly be leveraged to deliver you impact:
  • reducing cost and time,
  • business transformation,
  • process and product enhancement
  • business model innovation


Our technologies defined IoT before it was a market and we keep getting better:

Generate Greater Profitability

Capture additional revenue with autonomous cognitive cloud-capability computing to forecast, predict and deliver better, faster and more innovative products and services.


Optimize Operational Excellence

Improve performance and efficiencies + reduce operational cost and time through strategic, operational and smart repeatable processes and procedures.


Monetize Services

Attain revenue by improving customer experience, tracking and predicting behavior, contextually communicating and provide analytics-as-a-service.


Minimize Variations and Risks

Optimize resource consumption, asset utilization, loss prevention, maintenance prediction, disaster planning.