About Us

Proven Decision Making for Highly Complex Problem Solving

Beyond Limits has emerged as the universal leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Cloud Computing based on more than 20 years of proven success supporting NASA and the Space program.

Based in California, our technologies originated because of the need for flawless execution and the need to support automated diagnostics, prognostics and, when necessary, take independent action to ensure survival and achieve the prime objective of safely landing rovers with real-time mission control.

Launched in 2012, as a Caltech startup, Beyond Limits leverages the expertise, technologies, facilities and ingenuity from the leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Cloud Computing from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Historically, nearly every branch of government has come to our team to design and implement solutions for technical challenges that are often deemed unsolvable. To date, our technologies have benefited from over $150 million in investment over many years of Research & Development and practical application to real-world problems as well as problems outside of our solar system.

Today, Beyond Limits has continued to enhance and develop these AI technologies with the foresight to design complex, yet simple and elegant solutions addressing commercial problems in Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Media and others. Our Cognitive Cloud Computing Framework is one step Beyond.

Beyond Limits is actively designing and developing products and services for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IOT) market that we call the Universe of Things (UOT). Our claim to this new market naming convention is simply because our solutions can diagnose, predict, act, respond, learn and reason autonomously based on sensor readings and other disparate data streams before the IOT was born. Now, we are applying our capabilities in the UOT across multiple industry segments in which we operate.

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