The Intelligence Factory

Train a salesforce, engage patients, provide customer service, staff call centers or help desks, coach for lifestyle change or give life to a product manual.

Solutions built on the Intelligence Factory provide multi-modal text, voice, personae/avatar-guided Q & A capabilities that transform a general or specific knowledge repository into an Autonomously Intelligent Knowledge Base (AI-KB) and Intelligent Assistants. The solution continuously learns and reasons, becomes smarter and can simultaneously integrate location, time of day, user habits, semantic intensity, intent, sentiment, social media, contextual awareness and other personal attributes.

An intelligent assistant (or avatar) can guide the all-important AI-KB for solutions such as robo advisors, patient engagement, customer support, knowledge transfer, training and education across any industry or domain of knowledge. In time, more and more human characteristics can be integrated and communicated such as empathy and compassion. This field is emerging however, the Intelligence Factory is the driver and key to accurate, trusting and honest communication. The front-end avatar element, while intriguing is yet to be fully realized in all it’s capabilities…but soon.

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Cyber Security Center

Secure built-for-purpose encryption for banking, insurance, patient-identification, real estate, securities for legal documents and in government environments.

Our collection of built-for-purpose encryption solutions are invaluable for private business and highly secure government environments. These proprietary encryption technologies can be 100 times more effective than current methods and are based on proven algorithms used within the most sensitive and demanding environments across the federal government. They provides document, data, and network locking using smart distributed data secured by an AI key.

NetCrypt is responsible for establishing a trusted network communication between pairs of NetCryption nodes. NetCryption is intended to support environments and ad-hoc scenarios in which a trusted third party is not available – for instance, an environment consisting of two large, inflexible organizations. As such, NetCryption enables a simple yet powerful means to establish trust between organizations while sharing as little information as possible.

DocuCrypt will enhance document/data security via “intelligent” encryption and decryption to protect sensitive personal, legal and/or business documents, pictures and databases. This encryption technology is focused on data/documents at rest and enables viewing a DocuCrypt-protected document without fear of hacking.

This fine-grain, parsed and distributed information placed in enclaves is self-protected, and requires ‘intelligent’ access through a unique policy-based approach to re-assemble the document/data through an AI-based key. Without the AI key(s), a hacker can only gain access to a very small piece of the entire document rendering the information useless.

Solutions to detect threats or harm while avoiding computation complexities uses our proprietary technology of Autonomic Monitoring (AM) enabling serendipitous discovery during cognitive forensic analysis. Hypothetical Scenario Generation (HSG) then predicts network intrusion, computer virus detection, classification, identification, threat determination, behavioral analysis, prognostics and forensics.


Mission Control

When absolute control is requisite to mitigate risk and optimize performance and efficiency in your business, true cognitive and autonomous computing technologies are essential.

A combination of technologies enables decisions, actions and control of complex ecosystems proven to diagnose and predict across 30,000 channels simultaneously with the speed of 500+ million rules/second in a miniature, modular, and distributed system.

The Universe of Things (UOT) is a collection of applications and capabilities built on the Cognitive Intelligence Framework that can be configured to manage, control, predict and optimize performance within and across your connected devices, applications and systems. Whether in space, underwater, underground, on devices/machines or across devices/machines, our capabilities can be embedded and scaled to support the Universe of Things.

Beyond’s Cognitive Intelligence reasoning process includes Autonomic Monitoring (AM), which passively monitors and autonomously adapts to unpredictable changes while making decisions on its own. AM continuously adapts to changing conditions and recognizes wrong information. It is lightweight avoiding computational complexities (passively, not actively monitoring) devoting more resources when things become interesting or suspicious.

The unique Cognitive Engine (Cog-E) is responsible for the higher-order reasoning process. The Inference Engine that reacts to stimulus and the Model-Based Reasoner that provides guidance over processes and goals control the overall synchronization. There is a Short-term Memory and Long-term Memory component encompassing Truth Maintenance guaranteeing logical consistency and coherence of the reasoning process.

Probe works in cooperation with Cog-E when data sources are insufficient to disambiguate incoherence. Probe dynamically reconfigures to its environment so as to capture more relevant data, ferreting out noise and focusing on the signal(s).