Strategic, Operational, and Fully-Embedded Intelligence

SHINE enables cost-effective delivery of complex decision support strategies at 500+ million rules/second on a miniature chip, device, code or app.

High performance and efficiency is achieved from a unique mathematical transformation based on graph-theoretic data-flow analysis. This enables intelligence to be embedded in light-weight processors with a minimal footprint. This evolutionary technology is now available for mobile applications and ‘small things’ enabling Universe of Things (UoT).


Decision Making Network

When every penny, every life, every drop of oil or nanosecond matters, process is key to optimize efficiency, predict and perform to capacity.

Beyond’s Cognitive Intelligence unique autonomous reasoning solution generates plausible scenarios and automatically changes focus when a dead-end or too expensive scenario appears. Whether you are manufacturing, optimizing upstream operations for oil & gas, servicing the healthcare system or engaging consumers… one must minimize variation and risk and maximize efficiency. It is more than just standardization, automation and computation; today it requires real-time interpretation, human behavioral metrics, monitoring, assessing, sensing, diagnosing, prognosing, and planning.


Cognitive Computing Framework

This proprietary AI observes, correlates, understands, learns, reasons, generates scenarios and solves simultaneously for deep learning.

Our unique, modular, and extensible Cognitive Computing Framework enables our team to create or extend built-for-purpose applications, tools and platforms to support reasoning and distributed intelligence.

Solutions based on Computational Cognitive Intelligence can support Strategic Intelligence to manage, plan, forecast/predict and optimize performance; Operational Intelligence to sense, assess, diagnose, act, respond, learn, teach, enable and; Embedded Intelligence to diagnose, control, configure and correct, all requirements addressing highly complex problems.

Our combined technologies enable cognitive computing for use in data interpretation and continuous reasoning systems that weave cognitive intelligence into applications and business processes resulting in Cognitive Businesses.